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Let's take a step to restore a little faith in humanity, in a world like now which is insanely on a path, filled with rage, greed and what not, it is nothing but the most saddest and scariest point we have reached. We are not very far from meeting the doomsday, THE ILLUSIONED HUMAN SPECIES considering themselves to be the MOST POWERFUL is going to understand this soon that this balance needs to be maintained among all the three kingdoms that is of the plants , animals and us.
Why do we humans have this tendency to act only after something goes wrong , let us not forget that one day we all would be standing on the same page realizing that we wouldn't even get to continue with the blame game because deep inside we'll be hit by the guilt of reality ,knowing that " insaan he insaan ka sabse bada dushmann Hain."
To all the heavy words being used here are meeting kind and thoughtful actions by the ORGANIZATIONS which are working towards something humane. Similarly our NGO " THE PAW FOUNDATION" is working towards one such Noble work of saving ANIMALS, further it wants to reach to all the other thoughtful people who are willing to do as much possible for the voiceless.

We love pets as much
as you do

The Paw Foundation is a Trust who is working for the Welfare of the Animals in Guwahati City and also all across Assam by Rescuing the Helpless Animals and Treating them.

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